My Favourite Festive Winter Beverage_Gorana Guiboud_ausschnitt.jpg

Holyday Card - Contest

I submitted this illustration to the #MATSholidaycard contest of the great Lilla Rogers and her @makeartthatsells

There is nothing more beautiful than this moment of the year, when I’m at this little Christmas Market in my hometown, holding a big cup of „Glühmost“ in my hands, wrapped up in a very thick scarf, with furry gloves, and wearing my favourite winter sweatshirt. And then when everything is perfect, it always starts to snow big snowflakes.

I would loooove to see my illustration moving, animated by the wonderful @natashadewitz. The snow is falling, the lights are blinking or even the warm steam of the Glühmost is floating.


Photoshop am iPad mit Apple Pencil